Dried potatoes

Dried potatoes are condensed potatoes in dehydrated form. Taking care of our customers, we have implemented a dried potato production technology fully based on natural products, without use of any additives. Our dried potatoes are 100% made of edible potatoes.

Dried Polish potatoes

This product may be used in different food processing sectors, also as an alternative to potato flakes. Our dried potatoes are rich in starch and proteins. It is characterised by low content of fat, ash and fibre.

Dried potatoes for sale

Dried potatoes for sale

  • The product is available in 25kg bags or in big-bags
  • Minimum order size: 1 pallet

Sale form

  • potato grits
  • powdered potato

Dried potatoes

The popularity of dried potatoes is on the rise. It is a good choice in both traditional and modern cuisine. Additional benefit offered by dried potatoes lies in the fact that they are extremely simple and quick to use. Dried potatoes are used as additives to sauces, one-pot dishes, soups and in vegetable and spice mixes. Dried potatoes may also be used in dishes as a flavour enhancer.

Dried potatoes are also used as an additive in bakeries, food processing industry, food refrigeration and ready meals production (production of dumplings, potato pancakes).

Potato nutrients

Potatoes are a member of the nightshades family of plants. Potatoes are one of the most frequent vegetable guests on our tables. Potatoes are easily digested, and their nutrients – easily absorbed. More importantly, potatoes provide low caloric input and low levels of fats. They are also increasing pH in our system, thus balancing the acidifying properties of meat, with which they are often served together.

Healthy activity

Potatoes provide natural food fibre, increasing the feeling of satiation, as well as improving digestion and natural intestinal motility. Fibre is an excellent solution to digestion problems, constipations and diarrhoeas. Potatoes are also a protein source. And although protein levels in potatoes are low (8%), potatoes are characterised by high biological value.

they are easy to digest

they are a source of

food fibre

their caloric input is low,

contain little fats

increase pH

in our systems

Potato nutrition

The average caloric value of baby potatoes is 69 kcal/289 kJ in 100 g of the product. The average daily portion includes ca. 2 – 3 potatoes, or 120 – 180 kcal on average. Thus, a dinner portion of potatoes contains less calories than an equivalent amount of buckwheat or rice. A very important advantage of potatoes lies in the fact that cooked potatoes do not burden the stomach, whilst ensuring the pleasant, satiated feeling. Starch present in potatoes is digested fairly slowly, thus providing muscles with energy over a long period of time.

69 kcal / 289 kJ per 100g of the product

A dinner portion of potatoes contains less calories than an equivalent amount of buckwheat or rice.

Potato history

Potatoes are vegetables discovered already thousands of years ago. It has been brought to Europe in the 16th century, as a result of geographical discoveries and found a staple place in European cuisine. They have been particularly well welcome in Poland, and our country is in the top 10 countries with the biggest average consumption of this particular vegetable per capita. Potatoes can very resistant and with appropriate processing or storage conditions may be stored over long periods of time.

Potato history

Potato varieties

Poland currently offers almost 120 potato varieties. And although only a few varieties comprise the majority of sold products, we may still confirm that potatoes are very versatile vegetables. They may be present in our diet in various forms - cooked, fried, roasted or dried and will never become boring.

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