Dried carrots

Dried carrots are condensed carrots in dehydrated form. Taking care of the health of our customers, we have implemented a dried carrot production technology fully based on natural raw materials, without any additives. Our dried carrots includes 100% edible carrots only.

Dried carrots – flakes/cubes

We offer dried carrots in the form of cubes/flakes and grits. The raw material used in production of dried carrots is obtained only from Polish farms. Dried carrots are rich in sugars, proteins, fibre and is a source of beta-carotene, contains low levels of fats and ash.

Dried carrots for sale

Dried carrots for sale

  • The product is available in 25kg bags or in big-bags.
  • Minimum order size: 1 pallet

Advantages of dried carrots

Thanks to well-selected carrot processing we remove the water, whilst retaining very high levels of nutrients. Drying process allows the preservation of vitamins from group A, E and B. Fibre and other minerals are also preserved. Thus, selecting dried eco-corn carrots, you can be sure about the highest quality carrots, rich in nutrients.

  • appropriate processing
  • contains minerals
  • contains fibre
Advantages of dried carrots
  • contains A vitamins
  • contains B vitamins
  • contains E vitamins

Dried carrots in human diet

Dried carrots may significantly enrich our daily diet. Carrots are a great addition to many dishes. It may be successfully used to prepare soups and one-pot dishes. It is an excellent match with rice and buckwheat. It is also a good addition to salads or as a spice. Dried carrots is added to soups, goulashes and sauces.


Dried carrots in animal diet

Dried carrots are also one of the most welcome snacks of our pets. It is an ingredient of feed for birds, rodents, as well as dogs and cats. In addition to taste, dried carrots offers a very important advantage, namely preservation of most of its healthy qualities.

Carrots in daily diet

We do not have to convince anyone that carrots are very healthy. By consuming carrots, we provide our body with valuable nutrients, but also improve our visual appearance. Natural dyes present in carrots may liven up the looks of our skin.

Carrots may provide one of the more important sources of vitamin A in our body. 100 grams of carrots can deliver even 400% of our daily requirements for vitamin A. We should remember that vitamin A is soluble in fats. Thus, in order to process beta-carotene present in carrots, we should eat it with even the slightest amount of fats. Beta-carotene may also provide additional defence against skin cancer, if our body is exposed to sunlight. Carrots reinforce human body in cancer prevention, of such cancer types as larynx cancer, oesophagus cancer, bladder cancer and mouth cancer.

Carrots are also recommended in initial stages of sclerosis. Pectins contained in carrots help lower the levels of cholesterol, thus carrots should be a staple of diet of people with coronary disease.

Their anti-oxidative properties have been used by manufacturer of cosmetic products for many years. A carrot extract is used to produce anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating creams, as well as to produce cosmetics underlining skin tan. Wild carrot seeds are used to produce oil used in massaging.

Healthy characteristics of carrots:

Nutrients present in carrots are very healthy. Benefits from carrots present in our daily diet include:

  • lower levels of 'bad’ cholesterol,
  • limiting the risk of sclerosis development,
  • body cleansing,
  • supporting the circulatory and nervous systems,
  • supporting regulation of digestive processes,
  • anti-parasite activity,
  • reduction of free radicals and slowing down cellular ageing, improved skin, hair and nail condition,
  • blocking benzopyrene present in tobacco smoke,
  • positive impact on memory and focus, sight improvement.
odmiany marchwi

Carrot varieties

Excellent taste and nutritional values of carrots have been discovered already in ancient China. White carrot was the most popular variety of carrots back then. Currently, almost 60 varieties of carrots are known across the world, including yellow, orange, violet, black varieties and the most popular one – orange. Black and violet varieties of carrots are rich in antocyanes – anti-oxidative ingredients.

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